the arrival of jane

During Dr. Jane Goodall’s three day visit to Sierra Leone, she managed to influence environmental action through a number of … More

the ministers meet.

On an unusual Tuesday morning in Western Area National Park , two important ministers pay a visit to Tacugama chimpanzee … More

to the sea

“In Sierra Leone, the fisheries sector contributes 16% of the country’s GDP and provides an estimated 80% of animal protein … More

it takes a village

This small village is located on Dublin, part of Banana Island. It boarders bafa resort, and many of the children … More

perennial plastics

Waste management is a huge problem in Sierra Leone. It is common for locals to drink from thin plastic water … More

a heinous history

Meet Mr.Jones, one of three elementary school teachers on Banana Island. He’s a history expert, following in the footsteps of … More

bafa resort

Bafa resort is situated on the island of Dublin, one of three islands comprising the Banana Islands of Sierra Leone, … More