it takes a village

This small village is located on Dublin, part of Banana Island. It boarders bafa resort, and many of the children who live here attend Mr.Jone’s elementary school. I spent some time talking and playing with the children, and also learning a bit about adult life from a friendly girl who spoke English very well.

The girl braiding her friends hair told me the process took around 8 hours, but she worked in segments.

Lunch time was the same for babies and for adults. Today they had prepared masses of cooked rice over the fire, which was eaten by hand from large pots. The chickens in the background of this photo swarmed the patio in hopes of leftovers.

These girls were all living in the village as well and only spoke Creole. They lived in huts made of mud and wood, surrounded by many animals like dogs and chickens. As a game, they filled up a plastic jug with dirt and water, mixing it together with sticks to form a paste. The girl to the far right is holding their concoction.

Foday, 6.

At first I was shocked to find him playing around with a large kitchen knife. But as I sat with him longer, his gentle demeanor became apparent very quickly. He loved the camera, especially seeing the photographs of himself. He tried pressing all the different buttons, and wanted to show me things to take pictures of. Soon after, he disappeared, returning five minutes later carrying his little sister. He then proceeded to bring out all of his siblings and the babies in the village to show me, insisting I photograph them all.

Always keeping a close eye.
Sunlit sheets.

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