to the sea

“In Sierra Leone, the fisheries sector contributes 16% of the country’s GDP and provides an estimated 80% of animal protein intake for locals.” – Vice President, Mohamed Jalloh

Tokeh Beach Prepares for Sundown

It’s almost sunset at Tokeh beach, which means the fishermen are about to return home. Chatter and excitement radiates from the crowd. Families are gathered all along the beach, awaiting their arrival. Some run out to greet the long wooden boats, helping the fishermen untangle their nets in the shallow water. Others wait on the shoreline, ready to buy, bargain, or prepare the days catch.

Wrapping ropes, cutting ropes

On its West side, Sierra Leone is largely bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. Not only does the Ocean offer its many resources, but it also shapes the landscape and facilitates movement. Many small coastal villages lack access to proper roads and are surrounded by dense jungle that is beyond difficult to navigate, making boats a popular mode of transport. “Pampas,” the Sierra Leonean nickname for the small fishing and passenger boats, are used to transport fish and passengers throughout the coastal towns.

Soccer playing to pass the time, waiting for the boats to come in.

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