chasing drones

The sight of a drone caused quite the spectacle in the coastal village of Kent. This little girl was especially curious, chasing after it and lifting her teddy towards the sky so he could see it too. Her dog stood on high alert the whole time, glued to her side, unable to locate the noise.

Meanwhile, a mother and her daughter crouch in nearby stone room, tending to the fire. Other children run in and out, unfazed by the thick smoke that made my eyes water.

“Welcome to Kent.”

This man was the first to greet us as we walked down through the village. He was friendly and allowed us to explore the fishing town, on the condition that we had a guide from Kent show us around.

We were led to down to the water, climbing over rocks to a small cave. Here, we were told, thousands of slaves were held before being shipped to South America. The cave extended underground for miles upwards, in some areas so small one could barely fit through. It was tradition for brave villagers to embark on the 24 + hour journey through the cave, the ultimate symbol of strength and perseverance.I was told most of those who had done it were women.

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